Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Fri3nds.. on Prambanan

Look it is Our photo in Prambanan Temple, I wear the white T-shirt, I sit in the center of them you see!! and I was look at other camera like wisnu ,,,wisnu is the person who wears the green shirt and he uses glasses(of course at the photo wisnu dont see like wears glasses),Dika is the person who stand at right on the photo and wears black shirt ,jeki who the person handed by dika and wears school hat(it is a habits I mean jeki uses school hat).look there is a ghost above Christo ,,wow wow he's not a ghost he's a human,he's name is Indra and Irsyad is the person who wears the jail clothes (just Kidding) and the last Reyza, Where is reyza,where?? he he you cant find me Reyza said ,,There is,there is Reyza is hidding behind me,, few that all my friends on the photos,..,, oo I almost forget johnson is the person eho takes this picture..